Garage Door Service Calls

The garage door is one of those household items that we often take for granted, assuming on a daily basis it will operate correctly as we open and close it often many times throughout the course of our day. Of course when it fails to open or close, or some part of the garage door hardware breaks, it is usually at a most inconvenient time, and now the garage door has commanded our immediate attention.

What to do now??

First call a trusted garage door repair specialist such as us at Overhead Door Company. We have on staff qualified service technicians with many years of experience (we hire our own employees, never sub contractors) who are readily available to “get you out the door” quickly and efficiently and at competitive prices.

We offer service repairs for all sorts of problems. We can fix broken extension springs, broken torsion springs, broken cables, rollers and pulleys. Is your door stuck open or closed and won’t open or close properly? Is your garage door off its track? Do you have an electric opener that is not working, too noisy or just humming along but not engaging the door? Or do you need help with electric opener programming issues? These problems are just a representation of the services that we can perform to get your garage door working again. Even if you have no repair needs, which is a good thing, our service technicians are available to do tune-up/maintenance work at very special pricing to keep your garage door operating smoothly so you may never experience the need for repair.

We service all makes and models of garage doors and openers, not just Overhead Door products. We guarantee our professional work and we strive for your satisfaction.

So, if you find yourself in a broken garage door dilemma, please call us at 860 889-3849 or 1 800 462-4003 for professional quality service and let us solve your garage door problems and add you to our family of satisfied customers!!

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