Harvey….Irma….Jose.  These names of recent hurricanes no doubt are etched into your mind.  Connecticut fortunately does not normally lie in the crosshairs of these types of storms.  Occasionally we do get storms of magnitude like the hurricane of 1938 and Superstorm Sandy; remember those names?  High winds and storm surge are the two biggest effects of these weather conditions.  How can you protect yourself?  

Overhead Door Company of Eastern Connecticut can provide you with wind rated doors, impact glass and vents if needed.  Doors can be wind rated to a variety of mph.  Impact glass meets Florida’s Dade County requirements for flying debris and vents can help remove water when water levels recede.  Connecticut State law requires the home owner to have new doors to be wind rated and impact glass within one mile from the shore. 

Let us show you with our FREE ESTIMATE how we can help protect you, your family and your property.  When the next “big one” comes, be ready.  Call Overhead Door of Easter Connecticut today!

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Once again Overhead Door has won the Women’s Choice Award for 2017!