The A-Frame and Arch entrance canopy is perfect for creating or identifying the entrance to a restaurant, hotel, or retail business. Both protect customers by diverting rain and snow to the sides of the walkway. The height of the awning is usually sized to complement the building style and shape. It can be a very small slope in southern environments to a steep slope to shed snow in the northern areas. The face of the A-Frame and Arch canopy is a perfect area to add a colorful logo or words of welcome to your clientele. The optional rigid valance is capable of easily accommodating additional text for business or store identities.
Both canopies can also be used as free standing units for when wall attachment is not available. Entrance canopies block the sun's direct light protecting foyer carpets, furniture, or display merchandise from fading.

Enterance Awnings


• Stationary awning

• Beautiful yet functional door/window accent

• Traditional favorite for restaurants, hotels, and businesses

• Easily accommodates the addition of graphics