Retractable Deck & Patio Awnings

SunShelter Elite Plus
Luxury and Performance

Durasol’s premier SunShelter Elite is the ultimate shading system for your home. We combine European design with American craftsmanship to produce an elegant shading product to give you the very best for your home. The Elite offers you the widest range of options and electronic controls and is backed by an industry-leading 12 year, factory registered warranty.
SunShelter Select
Natural Elegance
The Select is available in a wide range of sizes and options allowing you to create a natural extension to outdoor living the entire family can safely enjoy. The 10 year warranted Select is custom crafted and professionally installed in over 200 vibrant colors.
SunShelter Classic
Function and Beauty

Durasol’s Classic retractable awning protects you and your family from the sun’s harmful rays while expanding your living space. Just the turn of a crank or the flip of a switch turns your deck or patio into an attractive and comfortable outdoor retreat. The Classic is warranted for 5 years and is available in multiple fabric patterns with options to complement your décor and lifestyle.



SunCassette Bella
The SunCassette Bella is Durasol's flagship retractable cassette awning. This extraordinary awning incorporates a patented tipping system, allowing the awning to extend straight out, then tip down to attain up to a 55º pitch. The Bella is a practical yet elegant addition that will last for years.ons and electronic controls and is backed by an industry-leading 12 year, factory registered warranty.
SunShelter Regal
The SunShelter® Regal is Durasol's most affordable custom made awning, where style meets function. Adding charm and value, the Regal complements the exterior of any home.
SunShelter Triumph
The SunShelter® Triumph is Durasol's heavy duty retractable shading solution and the optimal awning when longer projections are needed.


SunCassette Carina
The SunCassette Carina is designed for durability and longevity. The specially designed hood encapsulates the entire fabric body to give a stylish look that protects the fabric cover from nature's aging process when retracted.



Stationary Deck & Patio Awning

Protection and Style

Enjoy three seasons of sun protection under a beautiful handcrafted Durasol WeatherMaster stationary awning. The 5-year warranted WestherMaster is custom designed and professionally installed by your Durasol dealer and is available in a wide variety of solid and stripes that can enhance or blend with the look of your home or business.
Custom Products
Custom Products are designed to meet your individual needs. Whether it is a unique setting that needs an awning to blend in, or a building with unique structural features, a Custom Product can provide the shade and protection you're looking for.



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