25 Reasons To Choose Durasol Awnings


When you decide to expand your outdoor enjoyment and living space, a retractable awning can be the perfect solution. Deciding on a Durasol Awning is a wise choice. Here are 25 reasons why we believe you should purchase your awning from Durasol, the shading solutions company.


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1) 99.6% Customer Satisfaction
Much of our growth and success has come from customer referrals. Durasol customers that have been satisfied with the quality of our product and the service that comes with it, constantly recommend Durasol to their friends and neighbors.
2) TÜV and CE Approved Products
Our SunShelter retractable awnings are the only products approved by TÜV Rheinland and CE for sales in the United States and Canada. Wondering about the competitors' claims?
3) The Industry Leader
Durasol is America’s best selling brand of custom-made, professionally-installed shading systems — and it’s been that way for over 20 years.
4) Professional Installation
Durasol trained independent dealers can install your Durasol awning on virtually any surface: on wall, under a soffit or roof mount using our custom-designed brackets.
5) Products are Assembled in the USA
Durasol awning systems are engineered, designed and assembled with pride in New York’s beautiful Hudson Valley.
6) A Shading Solution That's Right For You
With Durasol, you get years of experience, a trustworthy name, a high-quality product and expert local representation.
7) Durasol Manufactures Their Own System
This allows for consistent quality control with assembly in the United States.
8) Fully Factory Tested Products
The quality control at Durasol is second to none. We make sure your shading system is fully tested before it ships, providing you long-lasting performance.
9) UL Listed Motors and Electronics
Our motors and electronics are UL listed, giving an added level and safety for you and your family.
10) Solar Protection You Can Count On
Our products offer you a better solution to your solar protection needs while providing you cool, shaded comfort and enhancing the beauty and decor of your home.
11) Your Choices and Options are Varied
Your local Durasol shading expert can offer you many features and options that are available for your awning. You can select from a wide variety of product options to create your unique shading system.
12) Professionals Install the Safest Awnings
Durasol believes in having experts install your product. Durasol dealers are factory-trained experts that will ensure your awning is installed safely and securely.
13) Fully Custom Made
No two awnings are the same at Durasol. Your Durasol shading solution will be custom made to your exact specifications and manufactured to fit your unique needs.
14) Maintenance-Free and Self-Storing
Durasol custom-made retractable awnings are easy to operate, maintenance-free and self-storing when not in use.
15) The Job is Done Right the First Time
When you have a professional Durasol dealer install your new awning, you get the most for your money as well as the satisfaction of knowing the job is completed with expertise and experience you can trust. Your professional Durasol Dealer is there to back up his work and to shoulder the responsibility that comes with the job. This is backed by our industry-leading 99.6% satisfaction rate.
16) Long-Term Investment
Your investment in a quality long-term shading product, installed by professionals, will prove to be a decision that you and your family will enjoy for years to come.
17) Long-Lasting Fabrics
The materials we use are made with 100% solution-dyed acrylic fabric and are sewn with durable, long-lasting Gortex® thread. The colors stay bright, resisting the elements and moisture. Durasol awnings won’t harden, crack or peel.
18) A Professional Stands Behind His Work
When a professional completes the installation, he’s there to back up his work and to shoulder the responsibility that comes with the job.
19) Comfort, Beauty and Control
Durasol retractable SunShelter® Series awnings offer you the control you need to combine the comfort of the indoor lifestyle with the beauty of outdoor living.
20) A Professional Understands Proper Sizing
A professional’s job is to properly size your awning for the perfect fit. Doing it yourself or having an amateur size the job can result in dissatisfaction and costly repairs or alterations.
21) Reduce Your Energy Costs
Durasol Awnings help block the sun’s rays giving you up to a 77% reduction in solar heat gain. You can also save up to 25% on cooling costs because an awning can reduce indoor temperatures by as much as 15 degrees.
22) Durasol’s Local Independent Representatives
Durasol dealers will either invite you into their showroom or come to your home to provide an expert, no-obligation consultation.
23) No Poles In The Way!
Durasol awning systems are self-supporting and require no vertical supports. The convenience of no poles gives you full use of your space without having any obstacles in your way.
24) Using the Best Materials
We use only the finest materials available from around the world to produce truly superior additions to your home.
25) Why Choose Durasol?
Durasol is America’s leading manufacturer of custom-built, professionally-installed shading systems. Over 20 years experience coupled with technologically-advanced manufacturing assures Durasol customers that they will receive the highest quality products and superb value. Durasol backs the claim of superior performance and quality with the best warranty coverage available and top-notch service through the most professional dealer network in the industry.


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